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The Douglasville Family Dental Center's Philosophy on Insurance:
We serve the patient not the insurance company.
Patient care decisions belong in the control of the patient under the care of their Dentist who provides personal counsel based off of the patient's unique needs and desires.  

Insurance can be very confusing and it is one of the most dynamic fields right now so to help you understand how we handle insurance we want to first tell you that we have served the community for over thirty years and during this entire time all of our patients have received affordable care from our practice who files for each one of our insured patients as an out of network provider.  Yes, patients can file with an out of network provider and receive care for often the same or almost the same costs as filing within network unless the insurance plan is a HMO or like plan and will not cover anything out of network or requires that you file through Medicare or Medicaid.


Fees for Restorative Treatment will vary depending on the tooth or teeth being treated and the complexity of the case.  As a courtesy, we file insurance claims on behalf of our patients for treatment received in our office. However, we encourage you to please keep in mind that employers who purchase and provide dental insurance for their employees are helping to supplement the cost of dental care.  Unlike medical insurance, most dental insurance policies do not cover the full cost of Restorative Treatment, but most dental insurance policies will cover at least one if not both maintenance Prophy Exams or Cleanings.


After payment is received from your insurance company, a statement will be mailed for any balance not covered by your insurance company.  If there is an overpayment from your insurance company, you will be promptly reimbursed the difference.


If you do not have dental insurance then payment is due in full at the time of the treatment.  Because this can be financially challenging to many people we accept payment by all of the major credit card companies and through Care Credit which is a medical and dental credit card that is designed to specifically accommodate fiscal challenges that can accompany treatment.  For more information about Care Credit including how it works and how to apply please see:









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