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Dr. Joshua McIntire D.M.D.
Dr. R.E. Crowe Jr. D.D.S.
The Douglasville Family Dental Center has proudly served the Douglasville and greater West Georgia Community since 1982.


The Douglasville Family Dental Center has had the joy of growing, maturing, and changing with its local community over the last thirty years and the unique privilege of simultaneously serving our long time patients, their children, and often now their grandchildren too.


What makes the Douglasville Family Dental Center unique among the dental practices that have recently come to our community is our family dynamic - we are a family practice that serves families and loves our community.  We do not rotate doctors who only know you only by chart number and simply see you as a part of a business model.  Rather, our doctors see you as real people that they want to know, help, and provide excellence in their care of both for you and your loved ones.

Dr. McIntire joined the family practice after graduating from the Medical College of Georgia in 2001 and in addition to providing excellent dental care he also serves as an adjunct professor at the local Dental Hygiene School. Dr. McIntire provides the practice areas of additional specializations in TMJ treatment and Invisalign services.  Dr. McIntire is also a longtime member of the community where he serves as an Elder at Grace Presbyterian Church, teacher, and sports coach.

Dr. Crowe, a graduate of        Emory University's Dental School, class of 1979, has been serving the Douglasville community for over thirty years and provides patients with the stability and maturity that comes with decades of experience, training, and progress.  Dr. Crowe has also been a faithful member of the community as a member of Pray's Mill Baptist Church, sports coach, and business owner and longtime resident.

Clinical Staff
Dental Hygienists & Assistants

The Douglasville Family Dental Center has been very fortunate to have a strong team of Hygienists who participate in our preventative dental care and Assistants who work directly with the Dentists in the restorative and cosmetic dental care.

Pictured above from Left to Right:

Front Row, Assistants:

Judy Watkins, Angie Harmon, Sherrie Dillard

Back Row, Hygienists:

Kristy McGarva, Sandy Wheeler

Additional Hygienist:

Cheryl Burris.

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