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When to consider a Dentures:

If a patient has a missing tooth or teeth either from natural loss or from an extraction they are a potential candidate for a Dental Implant which provides a complete restoration of a missing tooth or teeth without having to option for a bridge, partial, or denture.  The Dental Implant is a free standing means for a tooth restoration that is as true to the original structure of a tooth as one can have through a complete restoration.


The Advantage of a Dental Implant:

The advantage of a Dental Implant is that the post that supports the implant is surgically placed into the jaw and over time fuses with the bone becoming one entity providing a permanent and stable restoration that does not require the involvement or manipulation of other teeth. 


Restoration by Dental Implant:

The Dental Implant restoration process is significantly more involved than a basic restoration such as a Filling and while it usually only includes three appointments to complete the process there is an average waiting and healing time of three to six months between the first and second appointment.  During the first appointment the Dental Implant, made of titanium or like material, is surgically anchored to the jaw bone after which the surrounding gum tissue is sutured closed, the patient is released, and the healing and bonding period begins.  The patient will be provided instructions regarding general care of this Dental Implant area during this time between the first and second visit.  After the healing and bonding has completed the patient can set up their second appointment at which time an abutment will be affixed to the top of the Dental Implant.  The purpose of the attached abutment is for the supporting of the final Crown and completion of the restoration process.  Once the abutment is seated an impression is made for the customized lab crafting of the Crown that once seated at the next and final appointment will have the likeness and functionality of a natural tooth.



For additional information about Dentures contact us directly - we will be more than happy to assist you in your understanding and determining the best treatment option for you or your loved one.


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